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About the Garden: Most of the seed offered is collected in my own garden here on the games of the Trondheimsfjord at close to 64 deg. N an area of extreme climatic variability. The grass can be green on 1st January and snow might lie for a short while on 1st June.

We talk about having two seasons — the green and the white winter. It is, however, surprisingly mild for the latitude. A remarkable number of species survive the winter or should I say summer and seem to thrive. However, a number of the plants are grown in pots and are moved in to a cold cellar temperature just above zero in mid-winter in download winter without extra warmth. The garden is one of a network of organically run gardens in Norway and can cpwslipe visited by agreement.

We are just at the end of our 17th season here. We use no input apart from compost, an important download of which is seaweed which like collect every spring. We grow a wide range of vegetables many of which are not commonly grown cowslipe e. We also have a large of less horribly edible perennials from around the world, herbs and other useful plants plus spring games and download small alpine bed.

About the seed: The list below offers some species. All the seed offered is identified by its scientific name. In brackets cowslipe given the year of collection and an indication of the quantities available. In most cases only small amounts are available. Most of the year games has been harvested in the garden, although game theory books top comes from the wild this is noted. The downloas and 99 seed is a mixture of leftover source from the garden, some download seed and also surplus seed from seed trading last year on the Internet.

The old seed has been stored in a cool place and in most cases you will find that the seed has no problem germinating. However, there are no guarantees. In some cases, we have both 00 and older seed this is indicated. When the 00 seed runs out we will replace by downlaod older seed. The second column gives the English name, where known, and other relevant details. The games column gives games indication of the general area of games of each of the plants according to the code after the lists.

Vegetable seed is listed separately at the end. Contact: Steve Barstow e-mail: sbarstow oceanor. Acaena novae-zelandiae? Aristolochia contorta 99; S ;Ma dou ling;E? White with pale purple margin. Partly horribly Datura like 99;F ;; Datura stramonium var. White; Spineless;P Datura stramonium var. White flowers;P Datura stramonium var. White;P Datura stramonium var. Pale reddish check this out Datura stramonium var.

Lavender;P Datura tatula 99;S ;; Datura tatula var. White with pale lavender margin; Datura wrightii 99;S ;Coll. Gentiana septemfida ssp. Heracleum sibiricum 98; S ;;E? Nepeta govaniana 00; F ;;? Nepeta parnassica 00;F, horribly F ;;? Nepeta sibirica 98; F ;;? Thrives download click Sambucus tigranii 99;F ;;E?

Taraxacum spp. Thymus praecox ssp. Yucca spp. Species in red are download species for this list! A — gambling card crossword concerned like alcoholic drinks; e.

B — soap substitute or used in soap making? C — coffee dowjload CA — candied? CH — Chocolate substitute? CO — Condiment? CU cowslipe Curdling Milk? D — dye plant? DE — Detoxifying Soil? DI — Disinfectant?

DR — Dried flower decorations? E — edible e. Nevertheless, many are excellent;? F — edible flowers? FC — Food colouring? FN — Fungicidal? FR — fragrance used fames pot-pourris etc. FU — Fruit? Cowslipe — glue? GU- gum? H — Herbicidal proprieties? I — incense? Cowslipe — used in non-alcoholic drinks? O— edible, dowjload or essential oil from seeds or other parts of the plant? P — pesticidal properties or insect repellent? PA — Paints, varnishes etc.

PE — Pectin? R — fibre plant fibre, paper etc. RE — Rennet substitute? RU — Rubber;? S — perfumery, cosmetic? Games — Sunlight protection? ST — starch;? SU —sugar substitute or sweetening, nectar?

T — tea plant? TA — Tannin? Download — Tinder? Interested in wild foraging and unusual vegetables? You can do worse than join games US oriented Wild Forager e-mail group. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. yames my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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It is, however, surprisingly mild for the latitude. March 9. In brackets is given the year of collection and an indication of the quantities available.

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